Yuvarlak Dilme Makinesi Bıçakları, Hidrolik Hortum ve Kauçuk için Dilme Kesici

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Menşe yeri: Çin (anakara)
Marka adı: ZHIJING
Sertifika: ISO 9001
Model numarası: OD 360 mm
Min sipariş miktarı: 1 Adet
Fiyat: Price is negotiable
Ambalaj bilgileri: Tüm ürünlerimiz özenle paketlenmiştir. Ürünler için uygun ambalaj kutusunu seçeceğiz: ürünleri nakl
Ödeme koşulları: L / C, D / A, D / P, T / T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Yetenek temini: 5000 Adet/aylık adet
Koşul: Yeni Uygulanabilir Endüstriler: Konfeksiyon Mağazaları, Yapı Malzemeleri Mağazaları, Üretim Tesisi, Makine Tamir Atölyeleri, Yiyecek
Türü: Endüstriyel bıçak Malzeme: HSS
Sertifika: ISO9001, SGS materyal 2: Tungsten karbür çelik, 9CrSi,
Aşınma direnci: Yüksek Netlik: 18-30N
Sertlik: 52 ~ 68 HRC Avantajı: Mükemmel Yüksek Kesme Verimliliği
Duyarlık: ± 0.02mm Anahtar kelimeler: kauçuk kesme bıçağı

slitting cutter


industrial paper cutting blades

Hose Industrial Slitterring Round Blade for Cutting Hydraulic Hose and Rubber



1. Blanking Selecting material according the customers' request.
2. Forging Increasing the density of the material.
3. Tempering Lowering temperature for processing.
4. Finishing machining Making the material shaped
5. Inspection Checking the products if they are the same as the drawing.
6. Hardening Increasing the hardness of products and the material.
7. Annealing To incrase abrasion resistance, need to anneal thermal insulation for long time.
8. Hardening and tempering Hardening and tempering the parallel of products for processing.
9. Coarse grinding Coarse grinding the surface of products to be shaped.
10. Accurate grinding Supergrinding to incrase the precision and the parallel of products.
11. Testing Refusing the unqualified products into the market.
12. Packaging Different products, different packaging




Zhijing Precision Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is manufacturing all kinds of industrial blades, knives, seal jaw sets, bag forming sets and accessories, that are used in packaging industry, paper industry, plastic industry, steel industry, food industry, medical industry, tobacco industry and other industrial usages.


These parts are produced according to drawings, product samples or specially developed by our engineers. Due to the use of high quality materials and good workmanship, we are able to realize major lifetime improvements and reduce machine downtime for our customers.


In addition, our products have short delivery times with high reliability. Off-the-shelf or customized products are available from us with the highest quality in China. In many cases we surpass the quality, delivery time and lifespan expectations of our customers.


Yuvarlak Dilme Makinesi Bıçakları, Hidrolik Hortum ve Kauçuk için Dilme Kesici 0

Φ46×35×2.2mm Φ118×80×1mm
Φ61×40×1mm Φ105×75×1.2mm
Φ66×50×6mm Φ130×90×1.2mm
Φ66×50×14mm Φ140×95×1.2mm
Φ68×40×1mm Φ140×90×1mm
Φ68×46×0.5mm Φ140×95×1mm
Φ70×40×1mm Φ100×70×1.2mm
Φ75×45×1mm Φ100×75×1mm
Φ75×50×5mm Φ90×60×1.2mm
Φ98×66×1mm Φ130×80×1.2mm
Φ100×66×1mm Φ142×116×1.2mm
Φ102×75×1mm Φ130×100×1.2mm
Φ105×70×1.2mm Φ150×80×2mm


Zhijing made hose cut-off blades are superior to original manufacturers’ blades – lasting up to 5 times as long as other blades! And if you’re


looking for value, our hose cutting blades are competitively priced, as well, meaning you get an excellent value for your money.



Hydraulic hose is one of the most indestructible components you’ll ever encounter. It has to be strong enough to handle high fluid pressures,


pressure cycling, repeated bending, high temperatures and remain in service for years. But the same material characteristics that make hydraulic


hose stand up to such tough conditions also make it difficult to cut. Traditionally, most hose cutoff machines have used an abrasive wheel. The


wheel runs at high speed to grind or melt away rubber and other soft materials in the hose and high-strength steel reinforcement wires. Abrasive


wheels generate heat, smoke, and debris that can contaminate hydraulic systems.

Steel blades are the cleaner, more effective way to cut hose. The circular blade slices the hose rather than cutting a path through it, so it does not


leave debris in the hose. The cutting operation set-up causes the hose to be bent, applying tension to the hose so that it pulls away from the blade


during the cut. This bending action makes cutting easier and keeps the hose ends from rubbing against the spinning blade. Because the hose


opens up faster than the knife penetrates, the hose does not pinch the blade. Since there is little contact between the sides of the blade and the


hose, no smoke is generated. You end up with a quality, clean cut, fast!

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